Fat Free Carrot Icecream

7 Apr

This Carrot Icecream is so Delicous and healthy. It’s low in Sugar because the carrot juice is actually very sweet and we use fat free condensed milk.  I made this icecream after buying a juicer and realizing the amazing sweetness to carrot juice.


2 Cups Carrot Juice

3 Egg Yolks

1 Cup Skim Milk

1 Can Fat Free Condensed Milk

1 packet Gelatin


Heat Milk & Condensed Milk on low for 5 minutes, and then let cool down slightly. In a large bowl mix 3 eggs yolks with carrot juice. Once Milk has cooled down add to eggs and juice whisking everything together. Continue whisking and add 1 packet of Gelatin. Add to icecream machine for 25 minutes. Pour into container and freeze for 2 hours and then serve.

This icecream is great because the natural sugars in the carrot juice ae your sweetner so there is no need for corn syrups or melting additional sugar. Also by not heating the carrot juice your icecream will remain full of vitamins!


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