Bruschetta Skewers

22 Apr

This is another great appetizer that has become very popular at upscale events because of its simplicity, great flavor, and ease to eat with no mess. Think of it as a deconstructed bruschetta with all the flavor.


Mozzarella Balls
(I like the marinated mozzarella balls or you can marinate your own over night in some olive oil and italian seasoning)

Cherry Tomatoes
( to add color and impress I like getting baby heirloom tomatoes. You can also get a mixture of red & yellow)
Fresh Basil Leaves
Balsamic Reduction
(make sure you use the thick reduction and not regular balsamic vinegar)


This recipe is so simple with so much flavor. Just slice the tomato and mozzarella balls in half, if the tomato is very small you can use it whole. Put on toothpicks starting with tomato, small basil leaf, and mozzarella. Then just add to plate and drizzle with the balsamic reduction. Couldnt be any easier!


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