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Don’t Skip Those Weights!

29 Oct

Too many times I see women at the gym sweating on the cardio machines day in and day out wondering why the pounds aren’t just melting off, and I will tell you exactly why…..because they’re not adding weight lifting to their routine. It’s a vital component to weight loss and achieving that tones body.

tip #1

Most women avoid weights because they think it will make them bulky but every good trainer will tell you this is a common myth. I have very toned arms and the only reason they look the way that they do is because I lift as heavy as I can. For example I started bicep curls with 10lbs, then quickly went up to 15lbs only being able to do 2 reps and then finishing the rest with the 10lb weights. Now I am curling a full 10-12 repetitions using only the 15lb weights. You have to challenge your body in order to see results and I am a firm believer in lifting as heavy as you can, but doing so in perfect form.

Tip #2

Strap on those ankle weights ladies! I have some friends who do cardio bar type exercises religiously and wonder why they don’t have the thighs of Heidi Klum and again the answer is simply because they aren’t using weights. At first it might be challenging using your own bodies resistance but the body quickly adapts and you must increase the resistance to see results. I never do a leg exercise without either holding weights or strapping on my ankle weights, it is a must.

Tip #3

Don’t do your entire body in one day! This is really important, just doing one exercise is not enough. Split your weight lifting into different muscle group. One day do biceps/triceps/shoulders, the next day do legs, then do chest and back, you can even divide up your leg days. The beginning of the week I’ll do exercises like side kicks, squats, lunges, and the end of the week I’ll use the leg machines. You have to really work those muscles at least 3 exercises for each muscle group, add in multiple sets, and be sore the next day!

Tip #4

Don’t underestimate the amount of calories you burn through lifting weights. Nothing fatigues me more than weight lifting. By the end of my set I am completely out of breath and my heart is racing as if I just did a sprint. Proper weight lifting burns tons and tons of calories and gives you double the workout because not only are you burning calories, but your building well needed muscle at the same time.

Tip #5

Finishing every weight lifting session with a low calorie protein shake or a healthy high protein meal. Don’t let that exercise session go to waste. Your body needs protein after a workout to start the building process and taking protein no more than 30 minutes after your workout will make a difference.

Next time you look at celebrities like Jessica Biel  Cameron Diaz, Kelly Ripa check out their muscular definition because these ladies are not in shape from starving themselves, they workout hard and absolutely make lifting weights part of their exercise routines.

I hope these tips help and as always, feel free to ask questions and let me know if there is a topic you want covered!